Footsteps 2018

Footsteps in Faith:
new study groups on the
Letter of James

This year it is the turn of the Epistles and we are going to study the letter of James. We shall use Tom Wright’s study guide as the basis of the nine sessions.

You are all welcome to join any of the following four groups. We would love to have new people and look forward to seeing you.

In the week commencing October 1st, for 9 sessions until the week of November 26th:

Monday afternoon at Liz Kelly’s, Tuesday or Wednesday evening in various houses (7.30 – 9.00 pm), Thursday morning in church after communion at 10 am. 


Mondays –   Liz Kelly’s, 1 Stimpson Avenue.

Tuesdays – Dianne Ward, 97 Purser Rd, NN1 4PG .

Wednesdays  - alternately, for 3 weeks each, at the homes of:

                        Abigail Sawford, 46 Billing Road, NN1 5DB.

                        Jane Evans, 27 Rushmere Road, NN1 5RZ.

                        Pam Cummings, 5 St Christopher’s Walk, St Christopher’s Home, Abington Park Crescent.

Thursdays – in church after communion service at 10 am.

Note: Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided and free copies of the study guide.

Click here for the form to express an interest

Further details:  from Alan Sutton tel. 240831,


Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided and free copies of the study guide.

Further details:  from Alan Sutton tel. 240831       email:

Please leave the form as expression of your interest in the box or hand it to a sidesperson by Sunday 27th August.


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