Mothers' Union Programme 2019

Meetings are at Abington Parish Rooms, Park Avenue North,

unless otherwise stated.

Monday 25th March at 2.00pm          Deanery Lady Day Service,   led by Revd. Chrys                                                                        Tremththanmor at  Abington Church

Tuesday 30th April  at 2.30 pm          Meeting at St Christopher’s Home

Saturday 18th May   2.30 pm              Deanery Festival at Holy Trinity Church  celebrating                                                                 100 years of MU at  Holy Trinity 

Tuesday 21st May at 2.30 pm             Garden Meeting at Jeanette’s Home, 20 Hawthorn                                                                   Road

Tuesday 18th June                              Meal out to a local pub further information to be                                                                       circulated

Tuesday 16th July  at 2.30pm            Strawberry Tea at Dorothy’s Home,  8 St Christopher’s                                                            Walk

Friday August 9th                                Mary Sumner Day

Tuesday 17th September  at 2.30pm  Wave of Prayer Service in Church, followed                                                                               by Tea at the Park Cafe

Tuesday 15th October  at 2.30pm       Meeting

Saturday 19th October  10 am – 12 noon         Deanery Autumn Fair at Christchurch

Tuesday 19th November  2.30 p.m.   Meeting at St Christopher’s Home

Tuesday 10th December at 2.30 pm   Christmas Get Together

MU Diocesan Meetings at All Saints’ Church, Wellingborough

These meetings are open to all MU members

Saturday 6th April at 10 am         Eucharist and Forum

Wednesday 12th June at 6 pm   Forum and Speaker

Saturday 16th November at 10 am Eucharist, Forum and AGM