Christian Giving

As Christians we understand that all we have - our time, our talents and our wealth, are a gift from God, given to us as stewards of his creation to be used and offered back in his service.

In thanksgiving we are asked to consider carefully what proportion should be offered to God through the local church and our custom is to offer back 10% of our income to God, partly through giving to good causes both locally and internationally, but also by supporting the work of the local church to which we make a commitment to offer 5% of our income.

The Parochial Church Council is responsible for the church's finances and  can only manage its affairs with an income based on planned giving rather than haphazard and unpredictable collections.

Every member of our church is therefore invited to become a member of the giving scheme, and where possible to set up a standing order.

If you are a UK tax payer, through Gift Aid scheme, the Church can reclaim tax paid, so that for every £1 given,  25p can be reclaimed.

Gift Forms are available at the back of Church or speak with Damian Pickard or Bob Purser.