Bags for Nurses' Uniforms

Celia Irwin writes:
A request went out last week for people to make uniform bags for nurses, so that hospital staff can put their uniforms in when they leave the hospital and they can put them straight in the washing machine when they get home.  The bags are made from pillow cases, and I've used redundant flat sheets and also duvet covers.
My mum is 83 and has been in isolation for weeks.  She is a whizz on the sewing machine, so I've been cutting the material, passing on to her for sewing and then she sends it back for threading a cord through.  We sent our first 18 bags yesterday.  However, we've now run out of pillow cases / sheets / duvets.  
There's so little we can do to be useful except stay at home, that I thought this would be a small job we could do to help.
I don't mind collecting things but would prefer two or three items to make the journey worthwhile.  Alternatively, if anyone is going out shopping, I'd be happy for them to have my home address to drop off here. 
392 Welford Road NN2 8PS.
A really big thank you to everyone who sent me pillow cases or duvet covers for making into uniform bags.   As a result of your generosity, so far, we have made and delivered 108 uniform bags and have about 50 in the process of being completed. Celia Irwin