Pulpit, Font and Lectern



The Font

By the south door is the stone Font where Baptisms take place.

The Font is 15th century and originally stood by the west door to the rear  of the Nave and was for a time under the tower,recently moved to its present position in 2000.

The oak font cover also of 15th century date is in the tower room. Octagonal in shape and its carvings include roses, shields, circles, leaves and quatrefoils.








The Pulpit

The exquisitely carved Pulpit is thought to have come from the  London workshop of Grinling Gibbons, though it is not the work of the master himself. The tester, or sounding board, is said to be as large as that of any Wren church in the City of London.

The Pulpit was a gift to the church in 1702, from Thomas Rocke, who had been clerk to Judge William Thursby, the then recently deceased owner of the Manor






The Lectern

This complements the Pulpit extremely well,although it was made in the early part of the 20th century. It is a memorial from the congregation to Rector Gunning who died in 1916. On either side of the lectern are carved the figures of St Peter and St Paul, the patron saints of the church.

TheHoly Bible on the lectern is read at each service in the church. The Church has bibles dating back to King James 1.











The Royal Coat of Arms

This dates from the Stuart period and represents the Monarch’s authority over the Church of England.